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To good rides.
To early starts. To rest days. 
To riding more races. To riding more errands.
To biking with the kids more often. To being a kid more often.
To getting a coach. To becoming a coach.
To truing our own wheels and staying true to ourselves.
To bringing others along with us.
To looking where we want to go.
To more good rides.

Let’s keep adding up the wins

We’re a bike company for women, by women, with women. We know that if we want a better world for women in cycling, it’ll take all of us. So we’re proud to share these stories of women around the world showing up, speaking out, and sharing the love.

Let’s build each other up

How to wield a torque wrench. How to corner with confidence. How to spend all day planning a bikepacking trip instead of working. We’re here to help, with how-tos designed to put the power in your hands and the fire in your heart.

Let’s share how we #livcommitted

Let’s share all the ways we’re digging deep and sending it. The baby steps and the big jumps. The proud wins and the humbling lessons. And everything (and everyone) that inspires us to keep going. Share your stories, photos, and videos by tagging #LivCommitted