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Avail Advanced 2


1.999 €

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Light and lively on the climbs and supremely confident on the descents, this versatile endurance road bike will help you cover miles with confidence and ease. Avail Advanced is built around an Advanced-grade composite frame that features an exceptionally lightweight endurance geometry with a special carbon layup tuned specifically women. The D-Fuse seatpost reduces road vibration, keeping you fresh for the long haul. Disc brake technology provides confidence and control in variable weather, maintaining stopping power on wet roads, while also accommodating larger tire sizes. This bike also features OverDrive steerer tube for increased frontal stiffness and precise steering, along with the PowerCore bottom bracket for pedaling efficiency.

Key Performance Factors

Built for Endurance

Advanced-grade composite and OverDrive supply unprecedented pedaling and cornering stiffness, on an endurance geometry for all-day riding at speed.


Combines the weight-savings and stability of an Advanced-grade composite, compact road frame design with powerful disc brakes for expert handling and control, no matter the weather and road conditions.

Adaptable comfort

Tackles the roads less traveled with larger-size tire compatibility, and a D-Fuse seatpost to soak up bumps.

Why We Love It

Responsive, energetic and determined, this bike makes big days in the saddle all the more magical. The build irons out the roughness of the road and you’ll experience the comfort and freedom to settle in for endless miles. Complete with disc brakes, this bike exhibits stopping power in any condition, and can accommodate larger tire sizes to tackle choppy pavement. With both climbing agility and descending composure, the Avail Advanced will lead you to search for new challenges each ride.

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TallasXXS, XS, S, M, L
ColoresBlanco / Azúl oscuro / Azúl verdoso
CuadroCarbono Advanced T-700
HorquillaCarbono Advanced T-700 c/dirección híbrida OverDrive
ManillarGiant Contact
PotenciaGiant Connect
Tija de sillínGiant Carbon D-Fuse
SillínLiv Contact (forward)
Manetas de cambioShimano 105
DesviadorShimano 105
Cambio traseroShimano 105
FrenosGiant Conduct SL Hydraulic Disc 140mm Rotor
Palancas de frenosShimano 105
CasetteShimano 105, 11x34
CadenaKMC X11EL-1
Jgo. platos y bielasShimano RS510, 34/50
Caja de pedalierShimano Press Fit
LlantasGiant PR-2 disc wheelset
BujesGiant PR-2 disc wheelset
RadiosGiant PR-2 disc wheelset
CubiertasGiant Gavia AC 1, tubeless, 700x25c
Peso9,1 kg

Puntos importantes

Es una bici que responde, energética y determinada, que hace más mágicas las largas jornadas sobre dos ruedas. La bici elimina la rugosidad de la carretera y te permite experimentar el confort y la libertad para recorrer muchos kilómetros. Con frenos de disco, esta bici tiene una gran potencia de frenada en cualquier situación y admite tamaños de ruedas mayores para carreteras con más baches. Ofrece agilidad para escalar y mesura en las bajadas, la Avail Advanced te guiará por nuevas carreteras para descubrir nuevas rutas.

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Guía de tallas y geometrías

Tallas solo para referencia. Comprueba con una tienda local Giant o Liv para determinar la talla adecuada. Las tallas pueden variar de un país a otro.

XXS   145 cm4’9” 156 cm5’1”
XS   153 cm5’0” 162 cm5’4”
S   158 cm5’2” 169 cm5’7”
M   165 cm5’5” 174 cm5’9”
L   171 cm5’7” 182 cm6’0”
ALongitud del tubo del sillín (mm) (inch)37514,841016,144517,548018,951520,3
BÁngulo del tubo del sillín (degrees)75,0°75,0°74,5°74,0°74,0°
CLongitud del tubo superior (mm) (mm) (inch)50019,751520,352520,754021,355521,9
DLongitud del tubo de dirección (mm) (mm) (inch)1204,71355,31505,91706,71907,5
EÁngulo del tubo de dirección (degrees)70,0°70,5°72,0°72,0°72,0°
FInclinación de la horquilla (mm) (inch)451,8451,8451,8451,8451,8
GTrail (mm) (mm) (inch)763732,9642,5642,5642,5
HDistancia entre ejes (mm) (mm) (inch)98638,899839,399039100039,4101640
ILongitud de la vaina (mm) (mm) (inch)42016,542016,542016,542016,542016,5
JCaída de la caja de pedalier (mm) (mm) (inch)702,8702,8702,8702,8702,8
KStack (mm) (mm) (inch)51420,253020,955021,756922,458823,1
LReach (mm) (mm) (inch)36214,337214,637214,637714,838615,2
MAltura del suelo al tubo (mm) (mm) (inch)64425,467526,670227,673028,776430,1
NAncho del manillar (mm) (mm) (inch)36014,23801540015,740015,742016,5
OLongitud de la potencia (mm) (mm) (inch)702,8702,8803,1903,5903,5
PLongitud de las bielas (mm) (mm) (inch)1656,51656,51706,71706,7172,56,8
QTamaño de ruedas 700C700C700C700C700C


Giant se reserva el derecho a modificar especificaciones, precios o colores sin previo aviso.