3F is our overarching design philosophy that guides the Liv team as we dream up, design and develop products for women. It stands for FIT | FORM | FUNCTION.

Liv's unique 3F design philosophy ensures that, as a female rider, you are getting the best bike for your riding style. 3F stands for "Fit, Form, Function." These are the elements that guide Liv engineers and designers as they create your bike, apparel and gear. The 3F design philosophy produces the best and most appealing cycling equipment to help all women feel confident and enjoy the ride.


Fact is, no other brand comes close to the effort that we put into creating the perfect fit for women riders. We have designated teams of female designers, developers, and athletes working together to create Liv bikes. Each one starts from a blank sheet, not a men’s frame with adjusted geometry. Our fit process consists of four key elements:


This extensive database provides information on average body dimensions of women around the world. Information on things like arm, torso and leg length gives us a good place to start when we are designing bikes. Of course women come in all different shapes and sizes, so this database just helps us identify basic trends. For example, from our research we see that women tend to carry their body weight lower than men, and much of our power comes from our lower bodies. This impacts Liv’s frame geometries as we aim to achieve better balance and stability for the rider.


What is this bike’s purpose? On-road or off-road? Competitive or casual? Pinpointing each bike’s intended use helps us determine what the rider’s body angle should be. A road racer will have a much more aggressive forward lean, while an off-road trail rider will be more upright for better control. Once we identify the ideal body angle, we fine-tune the frame geometry to achieve this position.


One of our biggest advantages is working with some of the best female riders in the world. From the pro racers on the Rabobank-Liv team to Liv ambassadors around the world, we gather feedback during prototype testing and use it to shape a new bike’s design.


After gathering extensive notes from Liv pro riders, we also seek feedback from real-world riders test riding our bikes.


It’s not just about producing good-looking bikes. At Liv, we aim to create bikes that riders fall in love with. Bikes that get you excited to ride, and are impossible to ignore. Each year, Liv develops a color palette that carries through all our bikes, gear and clothing. These colors reflect current trends and influences. Our designers spend countless hours developing themes and finding unique ways to connect those themes with colors and graphics. Beyond colors, we define the different categories of Liv bikes — Performance, Sport, and Lifestyle - with unique head badge styles. With an obsessive attention to detail, we make sure every small part, spacer, or cable end fits our overall vision to help inspire you to ride.


Liv defines function as how well a bike performs in its element. We aim to produce lighter, faster, better performing bikes and gear for every type of rider. One way we do this is by implementing some of the technologies and craftsmanship that has been perfected in Giant men’s bikes. For example, we take the same Advanced Composite Technology from Giant’s men’s bikes, then tune and customize it for women riders. The composite material may be the same, but the layup of a frame is altered to achieve the ideal weight and stiffness for a particular Liv bike. Each bike is specified with the correct components for the female rider. We analyze every part, developing handlebars and saddles best suited for the female rider.