Top 5 Reasons Women Give Up on Training and How Not To

How to NOT Give Up on Your Training Goals

So you started the year strong training for that bike race or triathlon, but you have noticed the training hours dwindling as the year drags on. The race isn't until August… there is still time, right? Here are five reasons women give up on training and how to make sure that doesn't happen to you!

1. Lack of time

Life will continue to throw life at us. If it’s important to you, you will make time. I mean really, how much time to you spend cruising the internet? 15 minutes here and there can add up to 2 hours quickly. Why not spend that time training for you goal?! Take an honest look at how you spend the hours in your day. Chances are, you can always fit a workout in.

Dont give up

2. Falling out of a routine

We’ve all been there: skipped a Tuesday workout which leads to skipping Wednesday’s workout, and before you know it a week has gone by. Sometimes it’s easier to stay out of the routine rather than jump back on the wagon. No matter what the excuses are, be kind to yourself and restart. All it takes is a week of training and you are back in the game.

Falling out of Routine

3. Not seeing results

Our bodies have natural plateaus they reach. Often when these plateaus are reached, the amount of training we are doing levels off as well, which makes meeting physical goals more challenging. Keep pushing yourself! Our bodies have to meet the physical demand being put on them and must continue to be challenged to reach new heights.

Not seeing results

4. No support system

We all have those friends who say, “It’s ok to miss one work out, just come out to dinner with us.” It is so easy to have a moment of weakness, especially if someone you love is handing you a free pass on your workout. We need more people in our lives that support what we are up to. Tell your tribe that their friendship is important to you, but achieving your personal goals is just as important. Communicate that going out for a fun dinner or glass of wine has to be a REWARD for you: if your workout is done, then heck yeah you can hang out! That way, your friends become the motivating support system you need.

Support system

5. Lack of motivation

Train with a group or a friend at least twice a week. It’s harder to back out of a long ride when you have 6 other people who are counting on you to be there. Not only can you and your friends push each other, it’s actually fun. Treat yo self! There is no motivation like a new cycling top or kit. Who doesn't want to ride in style? Need more ways to stay motivated? Check out our 6 Tips for Improving Motivation for Training, from pro triathlete Radka Vodickova

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