Radka Kahlefeldt Podiums at Ironman Australia and Qualifies for Kona

pátek 12. května 2023

Týmy, jezdci a závody

Liv Racing Collective athlete Radka Kahlefeldt places second at Ironman Australia and qualifies for the Ironman World Championship Kona.

Radka Kahlefeldt showcased her skills at the latest Ironman Australia, landing a second-place spot on the podium. Taking an early lead and remaining out front until the final leg of the race, Kahlefeldt finished with a time of 9:27:42, displaying her determination and strength on the Avow Advanced Pro.

"The morning was beautiful; the calm ocean swim was great. The wind started to pick up on the bike course, which was pretty hilly for an Ironman race. The roads were rough, and I have learned a lesson or two about my tire pressure." explained Kahlefeldt. "The run was a four-lap course with a solid hill in each lap. I could feel my tired legs from the 180 km bike leg and 42 km run in the last lap."

From these results, the Liv Racing Collective athlete qualifies for the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, later this year. "Lots of training and preparation went into this long, tough race. My main goal was to finish in the top two to qualify for the Ironman World Championship—the focus for this race from the beginning of this season." - Kahlefeldt.

Continue to follow Radka Kahlefeldt this season, and as she prepares for Ironman World Championship 2023.


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