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Bike Helmet Technologies

Liv Tech: Bike Helmet Technologies 



Multi-directional Impact Protection System is a revolutionary patented brain protection system. MIPS adds a low friction layer between the head and the helmet that provides added protection from rotational motion due to angled impacts, which causes strain in the brain. 


Cinch Pro™ System

The perfect blend of security and comfort. Cinch Pro offers optimal coverage by cradling the occipital bone for full protection, support and comfort. Large scoop-like paddles protrude outward to cradle the head.

LiteForm Webbing


A special blend of thin, lightweight and tough woven material creates uncompromising strength and toughness. The locking cam buckles keep the webbing anchored securely.

Element Strap System

Element Strap System™ (ESS)

ESS combines Giant’s light, micro-adjustable Cinch Pro fit system with TriGlide positioning dividers and LiteForm webbing, resulting in a single-purpose fit and retention system with a secure, comfortable fit right out of the box.

AeroVent Ports

AeroVent Ports™

Strategically placed AeroVent ports optimize airflow through the helmet, which improves aerodynamics and adds head-cooling ventilation.

AeroVent Channels™

The AeroVent ports pull incoming air through the helmet and stream it through deep, wide internal channels from front to back. The result is consistent ventilation that helps regulate temperatures during hard efforts, while maintaining superior aerodynamics.

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