Vysoce pohodlná karbonová silnička Avail Advanced je jako stvořená na dlouhé i kratší vyjížďky, ať už sólo nebo ve skupině. Stačí pár záběrů do pedálů a uchvátí vás pocit rychlosti, pohodlí a skvělé ovladatelnosti.

Confidence and Control

Responsive, energetic and determined, this bike makes big days in the saddle all the more magical. The build irons out the roughness of the road and you’ll experience the comfort and freedom to settle in for endless miles. Complete with disc brakes, this bike exhibits stopping power in any condition, and can accommodate larger tire sizes to tackle choppy pavement.  With both climbing agility and descending composure, the Avail Advanced will lead you to search for new challenges each ride.

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