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TeamLiv Ladies AllRide
What is the main cycling discipline you ride/race?

Mountain bike and cyclocross

Favorite Liv bike?

Pique Advanced Pro 29

How did you get into cycling?

I found my way to mountain biking from downhill ski racing after a series of knee surgeries put me off the snow and onto the dirt. My physical therapist suggested I try cycling so I borrowed a bike, headed to the trails, and its all history from there!

What do you hope to achieve as a Liv Global Ambassador?

Helping build and connect with a rich community of rad women across the globe.

Where is your favorite place to ride?

Kingdom Trails, VT

You're on a road trip to your favorite riding spot. Are you listening to a podcast or music? What's on your playlist?

Podcast! I love everything from Brene Brown!

If you could choose any person to ride with (anywhere in the world, living or not living), who would it be and why?

Oh man! I would have to say my dad. He has always been my adventure buddy since I was a little girl chasing him down the ski slope.

What would you say to a non-cyclist or someone who is just getting into the sport to encourage them?

Find a friend or group to ride with and show you the trails. Take a mountain bike lesson or clinic. Don't forget to giggle and smile, because bikes should be fun and make you feel like a kid again!

Do you have a favorite cycling tip to share?

Stand up out of your saddle when descending with "level pedals", it makes descending so much more fun, and less sketchy feeling.

Words you live by:

carpe diem