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Rae Morrison Triple Podium at the Sea Otter Classic!

Dienstag, 23. April 2024


In Monterey, California, Rae Morrison demonstrates her dominance across multiple disciplines, claiming podium finishes in Enduro, Dual Slalom, and Downhill.

Liv Racing Collective athlete Rae Morrison made waves at the Life Time Sea Otter Classic this past week, racing across three different disciplines and claiming a podium spot in each. Her outstanding performance included the top spot in the Enduro event, a remarkable second place in Dual Slalom, and rounding off her achievements with a solid third-place finish in Downhill, all raced on the new Intrigue X Advanced 0.

In her primary discipline of Enduro, Morrison took the win early in the week. Followed by her first-ever race in the Dual Slalom where she battled it out for second place. However, Morrison faced initial challenges in this new arena, "The dual slalom was insane. It was my first Dual Slalom event that I was doing for fun," Morrison shared. "I was struggling on the track in practice and couldn’t really figure it out."

However, Morrison's natural tenacity shone through as she navigated her way to the finals amidst some tough competition. "By race time I was having fun but had no expectations of myself. Ended up going really well and it was incredible to have such a crowd cheering," she recounted. "Next thing I know I’ve battled my way to the finals and finished in second after some super super tight racing with a stacked field and some big names. That was amazing."

On the final day of the event, Morrison competed in the Women's Elite Downhill event, also reaching the podium and coming in third. Summing up her experience at the Sea Otter Classic, Morrison expressed satisfaction with her performance and the opportunity to showcase the capabilities of her equipment. "I’m so happy with my week at the Sea Otter Classic," Morrison exclaimed. "Racing Enduro, Dual Slalom and Downhill on the new Intrigue X. It was so much fun and I was so happy I could showcase the bike’s capabilities and versatility, making the most of the adjustable geometry and switching it up between events. Super happy with that!"