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Liv Cycling Empowers Emerging Cyclists With Liv AlUla Jayco Women’s Continental Team Grassroots Programme!

Donnerstag, 9. Mai 2024


Four promising road racers from around the globe have been selected in the new Grassroots Programme in partnership with Liv AlUla Jayco Women’s Continental Team, paving the way for future growth and development of young riders.

Liv Cycling, in collaboration with the Liv AlUla Jayco Women’s Continental Team, unveils a new initiative for supporting and developing young female cyclists - and together, welcome the four exceptional international cyclists. The newly launched Grassroots Programme aims to nurture upcoming talents in road cycling, providing them with the tools and support necessary to pursue a professional career in the sport.

The initiative commences with a week-long training camp in the Netherlands from May 9th to May 15th. These talented riders, carefully selected from a pool of submissions, will receive specialized coaching and support akin to professional athletes, paving the way for a potential breakthrough in their cycling careers.

The four riders set to participate in the Grassroots Programme are:

Gabriela López (Colombia, 21)

Lotte Borremans (Finland, 15)

Niamh Murphy (United Kingdom, 18)

Malou Eisen (Netherlands, 24)

Liv Cycling, leveraging its global presence, collaborated with Liv AlUla Jayco's Continental Team to identify promising talent. The selected riders will undergo a comprehensive training regimen during their stay, including workshops on equipment, nutrition, endurance training, and recovery rides. Additionally, they will undergo power profile tests to better assess their physical capabilities.

“We know that as athletes are developing and growing their skillset, they excel tenfold with the support of coaches and trainers,” said Phoebe Liu, Giant Group Chief Branding Officer. “Despite how essential this is for aspiring professional cyclists, it’s often unavailable due to location and cost. It is important to Liv to lower these barriers, which is why we launched the Grassroots Programme for young women with Liv AlUla Jayco’s Continental Team. After this inaugural year, we will continue to promote and grow this program, providing more women around the world support in their growth into professional racing.”

Opportunities for aspiring professional athletes aren’t readily available in many parts of the world, even less so for young women and girls. While the UK and the Netherlands are well represented across the pro-peloton, athletes from Colombia and Finland are much less common in professional cycling. For this reason, Liv Cycling and the coaches and trainers were thrilled to see such promising talent submitted from these areas.

Cassondra Spring, Liv Global Brand Manager, highlighted the importance of creating opportunities in all regions. “Our vision for the future of women’s elite cycling includes talent from all over the world”, says Spring, “The Grassroots Programme brings forth a new opportunity to recognize emerging competitive racers, by way of our trusted partners championing young women from their communities. We’re thrilled to offer a week-long training camp that will incorporate education, mentorship and evaluation services that will enhance young riders’ pursuit of professional racing.”

Eric van den Boom, General Manager of the Liv AlUla Jayco Continental Team, expressed the Grassroots Programme's potential to spotlight female talent and how the initiative aligns with GreenEDGE Cycling's mission to make women's cycling accessible to individuals from all backgrounds. “We were keen to put more focus on scouting within the overall system,” said van den Boom. “With the Grassroots Programme, we are creating a professional platform where women from all over the world get the chance to put themselves in the spotlight. As Liv Cycling is active worldwide, we reach even more women through our cooperation, also in countries that traditionally do not have a cycling culture. This fits very well with our common goal of making women’s cycling accessible to everyone, regardless of their background.”

Following the conclusion of the training camp, Liv Cycling and Liv AlUla Jayco's Continental Team will share the progress of the participants and further opportunities for their development within the professional cycling realm. The Grassroots Programme marks a significant step forward in Liv Cycling's commitment to empowering young women in the pursuit of their cycling dreams, promising a brighter and more inclusive future for the sport.