Liv EnergyPak E-bike Battery Technology

Liv EnergyPaks continue to evolve to make them the lightest weight, most streamlined and future-proof E-bike batteries on the market. With cutting-edge battery technology, Liv E-bikes look and perform better than ever before.

Downtube EnergyPak

Downtube-integrated EnergyPaks offer a sleeker and thinner battery design for a more unified and streamlined frame outlook. Complete with an aluminum casing, a molded base protector and the double-lock design, the Downtube EnergyPak is ready for a rough ride. It is easy to access and with one push of a button it releases from the downtube and is ready to charge.

The Downtube EnergyPak is equipped with highly innovative cells that can be charged more than 60% within 90 minutes by the smart charger. The smart charger can continuously adjust the charge output based on the battery condition so that it maximizes the battery efficiency and provides a longer lasting lifespan.


INTEGRATED OUTLOOK: Downtube mounted design creates an even better integrated, more compact EnergyPak.

EASY TO OPERATE: The downtube EnergyPak has two locks so it can be removed safely without any hassle.

SMART CHARGING: The EnergyPak offers smart 6 ampere (6A) charging possibilities, charging to over 60% of capacity within one hour.


Side Release EnergyPak

The side release EnergyPak is a straightforward solution to battery removal that allows users to easily move the battery sideways in and out of the frame. This design accommodates more compact frame designs, lower stand-over-heights, and XS frame sizing. These side release batteries have a capacity of 400Wh and 500Wh and are most commonly used on mountain and trekking E-bikes. With a total weight of 3.2 kg, Side Release EnergyPak batteries are easy to handle and remove for charging.


LOWER STANDOVER HEIGHT: Allows lower standover height for easier dismounting and confident riding.

OPTIMIZED GEOMETRY: More compact frame designs and XS sizes are now possible with the side release EnergyPak.

EASY HANDLING: The side release EnergyPaks are easy to handle, remove, and install.


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