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E-bike FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About E-bikes

How fast can an E-bike go?

Even though E-bikes do have an electric motor, they are still bicycles – not scooters. They require input from pedaling in order to provide the desired level of powered assist, up to a certain speed.

In Europe, an E-bike must have a motor with a maximum power of 250W, assisting the e-bike to a maximum speed of 25 km/h. In the US, E-bike motors can have a max of 500W and assist up to 20MPH (32km/ph)

When on an E-MTB, if you are coasting downhill, that means the motor is not adding any assistance, so you will not go faster than you would on a normal bike.

Can a Liv E-bike go faster than the motor supports?

The bike can go as fast as you can pedal, but the motor stops supporting you when you reach the max speed.

How much do E-bikes weigh?

Most Liv E-bikes weigh between 18-25 kg, or 40-55 lbs.

Are E-bikes loud?

No, E-bikes are surprisingly quiet! When the rider pedals and the motor turns on to assist the rider’s power, you can only hear a low hum.

Can you still get exercise while on an E-bike?

Sure! It is all up to you how much exercise you get on an E-bike. There are several options to challenge yourself physically if you want to.

  1. You can use your E-bike without any support or in Eco mode and still feel your legs burn.
  2. You can do several laps on the same ride.
  3. You can ride farther and longer with an E-bike.
  4. On your E-bike you are encouraged by the speed/fun factor, and you can keep going.
  5. If you weren’t riding an E-bike or regular bike before, what would you be doing otherwise?

Empower yourself to get as much exercise as you want with your E-bike.

And… If you prefer, you can also empower yourself to simply have a good time and enjoy the ride without any sweat.

Can you ride an E-bike if the battery runs out?

E-bikes are supported by our SyncDrive motor technology, but if the battery runs out you can still pedal and get home safely. Depending on the terrain you are riding, it could be more difficult as E-bikes are a bit heavier than your normal trekking or mountain bike.

Can E-bikes get wet?

Yes! The electric components of your E-bike are highly water resistent. So, you can ride your bike in the rain and through puddles without worry. You can even wash your E-bike! However, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • Always dry your E-bike completely before storing it.
  • When washing your E-bike, do not use a pressure washer.
  • Take your battery out before washing your bike.
  • Less is more when it comes to water. Avoid directing water toward the RideControl switch and/or display, SyncDrive motor, suspension, or bearings.

Which E-MTB is for me?

For choosing the right E-MTB, you can choose a Full Suspension or a Hardtail. 
The Full-Suspension E-MTB offers front and rear suspension for more comfort and control. The Hardtail E-MTB features only a front suspension.

The first question should always be what kind of terrain are you going to ride?

The Intrigue X E+ with 140mm of rear suspension and 150mm of front suspension offers great comfort and control, which is good for trails and rougher terrain so you can descend easier. Liv also has the Embolden E+, an E-bike capable of challenging singletrack with 120mm of rear suspension and 130mm of front travel.

The Tempt E+ has front suspension, and is a great E-bike for smoother singletrack and dirt paths. The Vall E+ range can take you from in-town paths to XC mountain bike trails with ease.