Breathe. Move. Recover. An active recovery class for cyclists.

Winter is always seen as a time to recover, refocus and replan your cycling goals for the coming year. We schedule training rides, meal plans and events we want to do. But the majority of us don't focus on the most important part of the plan...our bodies. We need to be able to stay injury free, flexible, and able to recover quickly. 

Build resilience. Reduce stress. Improve joint health. During February we hosted 4 FREE 1-hour Classes designed to bring some fluidity to your body so you can perform at your best! Due to the overwhelming success, we have decided to share these recorded classes here so you can keep doing the exercises throughout the year. 


Items you might need (optional)

·       Yoga strap, or resistance band

·       Yoga block (or a book)

·       Pillow or blanket for extra cushioning

·       Clothes you can move in

·       Yoga mat or comfortable space to move and stretch.

·       You may use the edge of a couch or bed as support.

Meet Melissa Doldron

Melissa is a Registered Massage Therapist, member of the Canadian Sport Massage Therapists Association, SportStretch provider and Movement Educator. Aside from her clinical practice in Toronto, she also works with a variety of high performance athletes across MLB, NBA, NCAA and Track and Field. She teaches movement classes throughout the year that focus on athletic recovery and mobility. 


She believes movement is medicine, and good recovery is the key to performance. A massive sports enthusiast, among running, cycling and yoga, watching baseball is her jam. When not on her bike or on her mat, you’ll find her traveling to ball parks across North America in search of the perfect game.


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Falling in love with cycling

"I’ve been riding for 3 years now and what started as a curiosity for an alternative way to commute to work has blossomed into a deep love of the sport and it’s community. 

In 2020, cycling gave us a lift during the pandemic. Friendships were forged. Movements were born. We challenged the norms. We went on sunrise rides, and rode long into the sunset. Cycling healed. Cycling pushed us. Cycling made us happy. 

I took on challenging distances, discovered new places, raised money for charity, rode through punishing rain and endless heat. I rode through joy, pain, sorrow and grief. Rode for ice cream and donuts. More than once. Bought a gravel bike at the end of the season, because N+1. Cycling is truly a gift. 

I can’t wait to see what the 2021 season has in store for us all."