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Connie Hergott, Liv Ambassador

North Bay, Ontario

My name is Connie Hergott and I live in North Bay, Ontario, where winter riding is a “must-do”! Our winter season is actually longer than our mountain bike season, so it keeps us in shape for mountain biking and we get back on our bikes in Spring feeling ahead of the game.  It is “new” and it's a change from traditional winter activities.

Why do you love it?

Most of our winter riding is done at night. We outfit ourselves with bright lights and hit the trails after work. A dedicated group of volunteers keeps the trails groomed.  The perceived and real risks of night riding in the freezing cold keep us on our toes and alert.  It is exhilarating, fun, social, and purely therapeutic.

There is also the “badass” factor of the extreme-sport feeling when it is -30 degrees and we are having a blast on our bikes.  It is easy to get shack whacky in the long and dark winter months, but being able to bike at night is a game-changer for physical and mental health.

How to be prepared

  • Dress in layers.
  • Keep your bike maintained.
  • Keep your headlight/headlamp batteries charged.
  • Pack an extra light.
  • Prep your pant legs to keep snow out of your boots.
  • Stay on the trails to keep the road salt and sand off of your bike.
  • Visit your local bike shop to pick up winter maintenance supplies to keep the impact of snow, salt and sand from damaging bike

Your essentials

  • Warm socks and boots
  • Lobster claw mitts
  • Good lights
  • A winter sports helmet is cozy with good goggles to protect from the windchill.

Recovery time!

Right now, I'm dreaming of post-ride potlucks with the group when the pandemic is over!  But hot chocolate, baked goods and homemade soups are perfect to have.

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