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Linda Indergand and Jenn Jackson Shine at the XC World Cup in Araxá!

April 22, 2024


Liv Factory Racing teammates Linda Indergand and Jenn Jackson deliver fierce performances at the UCI MTB World Cup in Araxá, Brazil, amidst challenging terrain and strong competition.

The second round of the UCI MTB World Cup Series witnessed an exhilarating showdown in Araxá, Brazil, where Liv Factory Racing athletes Jenn Jackson and Linda Indergand showcased their range of skills, achieving solid results on the challenging XC track. The course, characterized by fast flats, jumps, and technical rock and root sections, saw riders battling against each other and the terrain.

XCC - Short Track Dominance

In the XCC Cross-country event, Indergand and Jackson secured impressive results, racing on the Pique Advanced 29. Both started in the third row of the start gate lineup, requiring them to battle to the front of the field throughout the three-lap course. Indergand claimed a remarkable second-place finish, launching a strong sprint attack in the final lap to close the gap on leader Haley Batten, while Jackson showcased her determination not far behind by clinching the fifth position.

Reflecting on her success Indergand reported. "I started the short track with a high number plate, so I was a bit farther back than I’d prefer to be. I tried to stay calm and used the first few laps to catch and pass riders through the start/finish area. Once I caught the front, I slid into position three. My legs felt really good, so I worked hard to keep this position. In the last lap, Haley attacked and Evie didn’t follow, so I passed Evie and ended up second behind Haley."

Jackson expressed her surprise after the race, saying, “If you’d told me a month ago I’d be racing for World Cup Top 5 in Brazil, I’d say that’s a little delusional. But suddenly that’s where I found myself in the short track this weekend, to my own surprise."

XCO - Persistence and Resilience

The excitement continued into the Cross-country Olympic, where Indergand and Jackson took the hole shot into the first bend. Maintaining her momentum, Indergand secured 10th position. Despite encountering a setback with a rear flat, Jackson showcased her resilience, ultimately finishing in 17th place following a swift wheel change by team mechanic Jessica Brousseau.

Recalling her experience during the XCO race, Indergand remarked, "It was really amazing to line up on the front row of the XCO next to my teammate and follow her into the first lap. It was a great race for me, and I’m happy again to be in the top 10. The team support from everyone was excellent; it was a team effort!”

Jackson shared her sentiments, acknowledging the challenges she faced during the race, stating, "For the first few laps I was in a good spot, I felt calm despite not quite having the pace on the longer climb, so I was pushing a bit on the descents to close the gap back... Unfortunately, this time the risk got the better of me and I cracked a rim in a rocky section, but fortunately I had a CushCore insert and could still ride to the tech zone. She continued, "It was pretty heartbreaking, to be honest; I didn’t imagine losing the leading pack and I mentally kind of crumbled in the latter half of the race while also just melting in the heat. All that said, I still finished 17th, am in a good position in the overall standings, and know I’ll get more shots at it this year."

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