We put women first in everything we do, every frame we build, every component we spec and every piece of gear we design. Liv is the cycling brand dedicated to women.  

Photos and initiative by Sean Armenta

IG: @funwithhk

Liv: What motivates you to ride?

Katie: This is almost impossible to answer. I’ve been riding a bike in some form or the other for as long as I can remember. Recently, what keeps me going, is to be able to keep up with my friends! I don’t have any big athletic goals on the horizon, but my buddies do, and I love being a part of their journeys. Keeping my bike volume up allows me to jump into their big days and support them.

Liv: How long have you had this bike? Was it purchased new or used?

Katie: I purchased a lightly used 2017 Avail in June 2020 - the first summer of Covid! I call her "Joules" - because she was also my first experience with a power meter!

Liv: What does this bicycle mean to you?

Katie: This bike is…freedom. It takes me anywhere I want to go, and is far more capable than most people give a road bike credit for. Gravel? No problem. Popping curbs and tackling some stairs? We got it! Prior to this purchase, my only bike was a triathlon bike, and my only reason for riding was for training/racing. I really learned to love riding for the sake of riding with the purchase of "Joules".

Liv: How long have you been riding on a consistent basis?

Katie: I’ve put more bike mileage on in the last few years then ever before in my life…since purchasing my Liv in 2020! I’ve always been a triathlete, but since purchasing my Avail, I started to identify as a cyclist. In fact, I’m mid way through my biggest mileage month ever!

Liv: At what age did you learn how to ride a bike?

Katie: I’d have to ask my dad to confirm, but probably 5ish or younger?

Liv: What do you do for work/school/etc?

Katie: I’m a Movement Coach at Restore Human. I specialize in helping people build sustainable fitness, and develop/discover just how strong, graceful, and resilient they can be.

Liv: What's your favourite place(s) to ride?

Katie: In Vancouver, Seymour Conservation Road. Being 100% confident there’s no car coming is amazing. Ever? Well, I took my bike to Mexico this past Christmas, and the riding blew my mind. The roads were great; challenging climbs and beach views. The roadside cantinas with fresh coconut water. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

Liv: What's your favourite style/kind of riding?

Katie: Other than triathlon, I’ve only dabbled in the crit scene! It’s wildly different than the long, solo, time trial efforts that is triathlon. Crit is a crazy beast, and I learn a little bit more every time I go out. Always looking forward to the next opportunity to mix it up with the badass women in the Vancouver scene!