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Superior Suspension, Simplified

This highly advanced single-pivot suspension setup gives XC riders 115mm of smooth, active rear travel. This is the system used by Liv Factory Racing World Cup racers aiming for the podium. It’s lightweight, responsive, and delivers the smooth performance needed to float through technical rock gardens and fly up the steepest climbs with absolute efficiency.

Ultra-Smooth Action

This linkage-driven, single-pivot system creates consistent damping and spring performance throughout its travel, isolating the rear shock to provide small bump sensitivity through the entire wheel path. It gives riders a smooth, active feel through the entire shock stroke with no harsh bottom outs.

Superlight XC Performance

By eliminating the lower rocker arm and using a single full-composite upper rocker arm, FlexPoint Pro saves significant weight over traditional dual-rocker designs. Fewer pivot points (three instead of four) and one less linkage means fewer grams to carry up climbs.

Less is More

The minimal flexing action of the chainstay/seatstay junction creates a ground tracking, fully active suspension system with fewer complex pivots, linkages and additional frame reinforcements. This makes it a durable system that requires less maintenance and is easier to set up.

How it Works

Bikes Featuring FlexPoint Pro

Bikes Featuring FlexPoint Pro