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EnergyPak Connector Cover (Side release and top release EnergyPak)

Current price: $4.99

POWER PROTECTOR. Designed to keep your main source of energy safe. The new line of Giant E-bike EnergyPak gear offers a safe, convenient system to keep your valuable power source secure and safe. We have everything you need to keep your EnergyPak safe—whether you’re riding, parked outside or carrying your bike.


  • Dust-proof and waterproof rubber seal
  • Perfect protection for parking outside
  • Easy to carry
  • Cover type: side release EnergyPak, top release EnergyPak
  • Install on the bike battery connector
  • Please contact us for questions regarding your E-Bike's compatibility


Color: Black
E-Bike Side Release compatibility:
Roam E+Roam E+Explore E+ 2
Rove E+Rove E+Explore E+ 4
Talon E+ 2 29Talon E+ 2 29Amiti E+ 2
Tempt E+ 2Tempt E+ 1Amiti E+ 4
Fathom E+ 3
Vall E+ 3


All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.