We put women first in everything we do, every frame we build, every component we spec and every piece of gear we design. Liv is the cycling brand dedicated to women.  

As an industry leader in E-bike technology, Liv develops and engineers our batteries to meet the strictest safety standards that last the lifetime of your E-bike while remaining environmentally sustainable. So you can safely enjoy your bike for years to come.



Thermal Isolation

Different from other brands, each Liv battery cell is individually separated within a cage to reduce the risk of heat propagation and improve heat dissipation. If a single cell gets overheated, the battery’s fully covered separator helps prevent heat spreading from one cell to another.


Battery Safety Image

Liv’s battery management system monitors the battery pack and individual cells to make sure each cell is regulated for maximum efficiency and prevention of overheating. With battery regulation, individual cells don’t drain or deteriorate- providing your E-bike battery with long-term, consistent performance.

The system is also equipped with temperature sensors, so if the battery temperature becomes too high, the discharge or charge process will pause temporarily and won’t resume until the temperature returns to normal.


Waterproof Sleeve

The sealed battery case ensures against moisture and if the battery housing gets damaged, a waterproof sleeve provides an additional layer of protection.


Graph showing the battery health by surface pressure

While your E-bike is charging, Liv’s Smart Charger continuously communicates with the EnergyPak Smart battery to ensure individual cells are charging at the optimal rate.

A battery naturally loses efficiency with use over time, but a charger continues to charge at the same voltage and current, this can lead to increased battery pressure and increased risk of hazards.

By decreasing the charge voltage and current over time, Liv’s Smart Charger keeps battery pressure stable, reducing risk and ensuring optimal lifespan. In extremely hot or cold weather, the Smart Charger will adjust the charging voltage, further extending battery efficiency.


Storage Mode

Liv’s Smart Charger has an unique 60% storage mode for riders who are planning to not use their battery for an extended period of time. When activated, this mode ensures the battery will only be charged up to 60%, maintaining better battery health and extending the battery life.


To make sure your battery and charger continue to function at their best for many years, please pay careful attention to the following handling and care tips: