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Carrie Meltzer

City, StatePemberton, BC
Liv Retail PartnerWhistler Bike Co.
HometownGeorgetown, ON
Day JobOperations Manager for a catering company and a mother of 3!
Favorite bikeLiv Intrigue Advanced Pro 29 because it's the full package deal! Amazing to climb and a force on the decent! It's playful, responsive and a whole lot of fun.
Favorite place to rideI think the beauty of the mountain bike is that it's mobile and transportable so you can ride anywhere! So this is a tough question for me because I love riding all different types of terrain in different climates and where the earth is different. If I had to pin point one place, I would have to say Pemberton for obvious biased reasons but also because it's amazing! The variety of trails, ability to ride big epics, steep and rocky terrain mixed with flow and jumps. We have it all!
Must-have cycling accessoryMy Liv 3/4 length breathable Energize jersey! This jersey is very versatile and can be worn in hot weather with a bit of protection as well as on cooler days. My second would have to be my watch as I'm usually on the clock to get back to pick up my kids so I want to be able to maximize my rides.
When I am not ridingI have always been a big fan of anything fitness related and in the outdoors. I love snowboarding, skiing with my kids and snowmobiling in the Winter. If you don't see me biking in the Summer (which is rare) then you may catch me running, surfing or dirt biking. I have 3 kids so to be honest, they are my biggest hobby but the beauty of having kids in the adventure mecca we live in is that I can just take them with me on most of my adventures. The joy of watching them learn the sports I love, is so fulfilling!
Life GoalMy life goal is to enjoy life to the fullest and never take it for granted. Life can get really busy and fast paced so right now my focus is on family, health and fun. We love to travel and explore new places through sport and want to continue to do so. In the next few years, we want to take a few months off and travel in our camper with bikes and surfboards down to Baja Mexico.
What I rideI would have to say all mountain as that sort of encompasses a few different bike disciplines that I love. I started of as a downhill mountain biker and then transitioned into an enduro mountain bike racer and now I find myself doing a lot of trail/cross-country riding. I love being able to get a good workout in pedalling with getting rad descents throughout and the longest and best one saved for the end!
How to contact meIG: @carriemeltzer
Carrie Meltzer

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