We put women first in everything we do, every frame we build, every component we spec and every piece of gear we design. Liv is the cycling brand dedicated to women.  

Photos and initiative by Sean Armenta

IG: @englishbayally

Bike: Liv Avow Advanced Pro 1
Name: Gazu

Liv: What motivates you to ride?

Alison: Originally I started riding because I was training for Triathlons. Now, I ride because I enjoy the fitness I get from the bike and the social aspect of the sport. I still incorporate training into my rides and plan to do triathlon again, but have found so many other sides to riding including commuting, gravel, and coffee rides!

Liv: How long have you had this bike? Was it purchased new or used?

Alison: I bought the bike in October 2016. I saw it in the shop window and fell in love. I wanted to upgrade to a “race” bike as I already owned a Liv Avail but didn’t think I was a strong enough rider to own such a fancy bike. I would go out of my way to drive by and look at it or just go to the shop and visit the bike. I did this for probably 3 or 4 weeks! Finally, my dad came to town to visit for a few days and together we purchased the bike. He convinced me that it was the bike for me and I should have it and ride it how it should be ridden! Smart man!

Liv: What does this bicycle mean to you?

Alison: I doubt that I will ever be able to sell this bike. While making the decision to buy the bike, I got to know husband Andrew who worked at the store back then and is now owner. We would start dating in March 2017 and marry in 2019. After buying the bike, I found all kinds of reasons to go back to the shop to visit Andrew. I needed water bottles, helmets, shoes, bottles cages! While I love the speed and power that comes with this bike, the story behind the bike is really what is most important in my mind. She is our “meet-cute!” Because of the happiness associated with the bike, I can only find a few times where I have been on this bike and not enjoyed it.

Liv: How long have you been riding on a consistent basis?

Alison: I started consistently riding in April 2014. I bought a Liv Avail from Giant Vancouver and was training for my first sprint triathlon. I was scared to be on the roads and clipped in but I just got out there and decided I would jump in with both feet and hope for the best! It seems to have worked out OK.

Liv: What age did you learn how to ride a bike?

Alison: Early. My parents had me riding at 3 or 4. I started with a tricycle then training wheels and then always took over my sisters hand me downs. I remember my favourite bike as a kid was orange with a white banana seat. When I was in grade 8, my dad chaperoned a school trip with our class and we rode from Rocky Mountain House to Canmore, Alberta over a few days. I did it because my sister had done it but I remember loving the challenge and the climbs.

Liv: What do you do for work/school/etc?

Alison: I am a Registered Nurse with Vancouver Coastal Health. My official title is Clinical Resource Nurse. I am one of 3 CRN’s in the Operating Room at UBCH and I oversee General Surgery, Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Vascular and Special Needs Dental

Liv: What's your favourite place(s) to ride?

Alison: I love riding in and around UBC and the Endowment Lands. There are good climbs, fast roads and great trails. I also love going out to Richmond for the flat sections as that is where my Avow thrives. I have had a lot of good days training in and around Penticton so I always enjoy that area.

Liv: What's your favourite style/kind of riding?

Alison: Road. I love the Avow but it is really a bike to ride alone. My Avail is best with groups.