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Director of Inspiration, Liv Ladies AllRide MTB Clinics

Lindsey Richter has dabbled in just about every type of mountain bike racing there is, from starting out as a cross country racer in 1995 to downhill and enduro. Now-a-days you can find her traveling the country (and beyond) pulling a trailer full of Liv mountain bikes behind her Ladies AllRide Sprinter van. As Lindsey toured around the United States, beginning in 2003, she noticed a void in female participation at mountain bike events. Fueled by passion, she has sought to change that as a world-renowned certified mountain bike instructor. Her goal is to get more women riding bikes and, in the process, change some lives.

*Fun fact: In 2002 Lindsey participated in the popular TV show: Survivor: Africa. She is happy to divulge details and tell stories about her experiences during and after the show. (Appearances: Howard Stern show, Eminem music video, Regis and Kelly talk show, David Letterman, Hollywood Squares, The CBS Early Show, etc)

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