Ronja Blöchlinger Second in the U23 XCO at Les Gets!

maandag 11 september 2023


Ronja Blöchlinger secures an impressive second-place finish in the U23 XCO in Les Gets, France, solidifying her position in the overall standings.

Following her victory in Friday's XCC, Ronja Blöchlinger continues to shine in second place in the U23 XCO Cross-country Olympic at the XC World Cup series in Les Gets, France. Blöchlinger's season is clearly on an upward trajectory as she consistently takes the podium on her Pique Advanced Pro 29. She commented, "I believe this was my best race of the season from my perspective. I felt strong throughout the whole race."

"It was a fast start, it felt hard but I realized it was hard for everyone, I stayed close to the front and worked to be ahead of the pack, a few other riders began to drop back and I kept my pace", she continued. Samara Maxwell and Blöchlinger battled it out in the final laps "Sam is strong on the climbs and I am faster on the descents so we went back and forth until she opened a larger gap. It was an interesting race, I am happy to have come in second behind her."

This race has put Blöchlinger in a strong position in the overall standings for the U23 XCO category. She currently leads in points for the U23 XCC and appears to be in top form as she approaches the final rounds of the series. "It's so fun to ride these big races, having the full team around me makes for a fun supportive time"

Liv Factory Racing teammates Linda Indergand and Jenn Jackson competed in the Women's Elite XCO snagging places 28th and 29th consecutively. Indergand reported after the race, "It's really nice having a good vibe within the team, I look forward to the next few races in North America."

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