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CEO, Liv Ladies AllRide MTB Clinics; Founder of Grit Clinics

Meredith is a PMBIA certified mountain bike instructor who is the CEO of Ladies AllRide and founder of Grit Clinics.  Meredith helps create amazing weekend experiences for participants and coaches alike at the Liv Ladies AllRide mountain biking camps. She handles operations of Grit Clinics which focuses on private lessons & group clinics for men, women & children led by top coaches around the country. She has over a decade of mountain biking and event planning experience. When she's not running logistics at the camps, she loves to coach. Her most rewarding coaching moment is teaching the ladies how to pop their first wheelie.

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TeamLiv Ladies AllRide
Birth dateJune 1, 1980
HometownOriginally Austin, TX, but Bend, Oregon has been home for 15 years!
SpecialtyCEO of Liv Ladies AllRide Camps and Founder of Grit Clinics.
What is your biggest cycling achievement?

Teaming up with Lindsey Richter and our amazing team of coaches to grow Ladies AllRide and Grit Clinics. These business endeavors have allowed me to work in a field in which I'm incredibly passionate and allowed all of us to share our love of mountain biking to people all over the world. I can't believe this is my job!

What is your biggest non-cycling achievement?

Surviving childbirth and the first few months of motherhood. I'm a new mom and it's been the most incredible and hardest thing I've ever done. Cliche, yes, but true!

What is your professional goal for 2019?

I want to grow Ladies AllRide and Grit Clinics. We've recently hired some great people which gives me the opportunity to focus on new projects for 2019. We've got some very exciting plans for the new year which I can't wait to share!

What do you love about cycling?

I love the technical aspects of mountain biking, the way you can improve by refining skills, practicing and having the right mindset. I also love that it's a great workout but it feels fun instead of grueling.

Why do you love riding for Liv?

I love the community of smart, fun, welcoming women that make up Liv. I've made countless friendships through my relationship with Liv and I am forever grateful for that. I also love ripping the trails on my Pique Advanced 0 and Hail Advanced 0. They are the most rad bikes I've ever owned and make the ride so much fun!

What is your favorite place to travel?

In 2008 I took a year off and traveled around the world. It was life-changing. It's hard to pick a favorite place I've traveled but Morocco, Brazil, and Tanzania were definitely highlights. I also love to travel anywhere there are good mountain biking trails, good food, and good beer.

What is your favorite food?

Thai food. And anything with lots of butter.

Who are your favorite riding partners?

Anyone who likes adventure rides, doesn't need to hammer the whole time, and likes to stop to session tricky technical trails, eat snacks, and soak in the views.

"When I'm not riding my bike, I'm ________!"

working, hanging with my husband and giving hundreds of kisses to our new baby, skiing, playing the guitar and trying to catch up on sleep.

What are the top three things on your bucket list?
  1. Do an amazing multi-day mountain biking or road riding trip somewhere remote in India, Thailand or another country with delicious food.
  2. A heli-ski trip with friends
  3. Learn to speak Spanish fluently (or at least better than I can now)!
Words you live by...

My dad told me growing up that I could do anything I set my mind to. It doesn't always come easily but I believe in the power of that statement. Dream big!