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Access the functions of your Liv e-bike with intuitive RideControl handlebar controls. With a simple push of your thumb, you can change assist mode, activate lights, walk assist, and scroll through detailed information about your ride on a compatible display. The RideControl controls also display the battery capacity and the assistance mode used thanks to bright LEDs.


This easy-to-use control unit can be fitted on either the left or right side of the handlebar. Or you can have one on each side. The ergonomic design is user-friendly and features three buttons so you can power up, power down, and select Walk Assist. If you pair it with the RideControl App you can configure the three buttons to your personal preferences by choosing from power up, power down, Walk Assist, Smart Assist, light and information.

Ergo on image and phone app


Everything is at your fingertips on this handlebar-mounted command center, allowing you to change modes smoothly using the easy-to-press buttons. Select Smart Assist mode and let the bike automatically choose the right support mode for your needs. Walk Assist helps you push your bike over obstacles or up hills with no-sweat ease. You can also monitor the battery capacity with the useful LED indicator and keep your electronics charged with the convenient USB port.

Close up of Ergo 2


NAVIGATION: Innovative and modern, the RideControl Ergo 2 is integrated with all key functions, including power button and mode selection buttons, along with battery level indicator and support mode indicator.

ERGONOMIC: Ergonomically designed, easy-to-press button controls offer intuitive handling to make controlling the system feel natural.

USER FRIENDLY: Select Smart Assist automatic mode to enjoy the freedom to explore and take in the scenery, plus the Walk Assist button gives you just the right amount of assist to roll the bike across varied terrain. Easy USB charging makes it super convenient to charge up before big adventures.


RideControl Ergo takes your E-bike riding experience to new levels with smart integration buttons for clean and simple display-free handlebar controls. Ergonomic and accessible while riding, easy-to-push buttons let you select your power mode and Walk Assist. The Walk Assist function helps power you from a complete stop when you need to push your E-bike and is especially helpful for pushing uphill. Rain or shine, the buttons have an anti-slip texture and are ready to use in all weather conditions. RideControl Ergo is intuitive and screen-compatible, so it’s simple to upgrade with the RideDash series display. RideControl Ergo can be connected with the RideControl App so your smart phone can function as your E-bike display.

Close up of Ergo


SMART INTEGRATION: Smart, minimalist technology and design featuring control buttons that integrate key functions, including power button and support mode buttons, along with battery indicator and support mode indicator.

EASY HANDLING: Settle into the zone with the ergonomic button controls that offer the simplicity to switch between support modes.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Press the Walk Assist button for convenient, appropriate power for walking up hills or if you simply want some power support when you walk your bike.