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"mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.“

While mountain biking is typically solo pursuit, the connection between fellow riders out on the trail has always been the sport's strength. In the summer of 2020/21, Liv Australia introduces its off-road team, bringing together individual athletes from three core disciplines: cross country, enduro and off-road triathlon. The new team format allows these riders to work closer with one another, pushing each other and the competition further. We're proud to support these athletes between the tape and in their local communities in our shared goal to grow mountain biking at all levels.

Road Trip

Mere weeks before the term ‘social distancing’ became part of our everyday vocabulary, the newly formed team hit the road for the nearby cycling mecca of Bright, tucked away in the Victorian High Country. It was a weekend of sunset pump track sessions, non-stop banter and plenty of hills to bond over. Catch the video above to get to know the team and for the ultimate ladies biking weekend inspiration.

Jacqui Allen

The former fire-fighter turned off-road triathlete, Jacqui is the most international of our athletes. Originally from the UK, Jacqui and her Aussie husband travel the world competing on the XTERRA circuit. Based in Wollongong, NSW, Jacqui is also a multisport coach via B&J Racing, balancing her time training fellow athletes to perform at their best. Her newest – and cutest – trainee, Ollie the Aussie Kelpie features regularly on her social channels. Follow along at @jacqui220tri.

Rachel Hore

After a stint in Whistler, a prior love of cycling was reignited for Rachel. A passion and skill for gravity riding developed quickly and after returning to Australia, Rachel started lining up at DH and enduro events. Fast-forward a few years, Rachel is a regular on the podium at state and national series and dabbling in some international EWS rounds.

Having just finished her studies, Rachel’s latest project is building a tiny home nearby the Warburton mtb trail development in the Victoria’s Yarra Valley region. For big jumps and little houses, find @rach_rides_bikes

Courtney Sherwell

Hooked on bikes for most of her life, Courtney lives and breathes cycling. After months in lockdown, Courtney’s been utilizing her strength for road as well, racing indoors on Zwift and landing a contract with Liv partner, Roxsolt women’s road team.

When she’s not clocking up km’s, Courtney’s got an artistic flair and a knack for keeping more plants alive than the other team members can (accidently) kill. She’s a big supporter of her local cycling community, regularly hosting social rides to help other women start their riding journey. If you need inspo for getting out on cold and early mornings, Courtney’s one to follow @courtney.sherwell

Between the Tape

When releasing the Pique 29, we knew this was the bike to get the team rolling. We've delivered the creme de la creme for the ladies, with Fox Live suspension and 29" wheels for their cross-country pursuits.

"The Pique Advanced Pro 29 is the complete bike for my style of racing. It's lightweight frame combined with an aggressive set up is perfect for off road triathlon and MTB XC... Finally, a bike I use on all types of terrain! Whether it’s climbing or technical terrain, I know I have the best ride in the race and that gives me confidence to push the boundaries and reach new limits.” - Jacqui 

On the gravity end of the scale, the Enduro-focused Hail is the bike of choice for fun and burly descents, yet comfortable enough for a long day of transition climbs. It's even been known to dominate at DH rounds and is the perfect partner for the occassional shuttle day too.

Race day is always the culmination of your preparation, so the feather-light Langma is a crucial part of their training. Whether it’s early morning road km’s or intervals on the indoor trainer, the team’s road bikes compliment their love of bikes and fitness needs seamlessly.

Beyond the Bike

You’d be hard pressed to find an athlete that ‘just’ rides their bike. The team’s lives also revolve around study, nutrition, work, and cross-training each day. It’s that balance we all strive for, creating space for your goals and enjoying the process while meeting the demands of real life. Stay tuned for more beyond the bike content throughout the season.


Fueling their bodies for an active lifestyle is a huge priority for Courtney, Jacqui and Rachel. Each has their unique style yet share  plant-based foundations and a strong focus on whole foods to keep them feeling 100%. Balance is the name of the game though, so don’t be surprised if you catch them comparing coffee scrolls and iced donuts at the local bakery (recommendations welcome!).

Bike Bites


It’s not all intervals and saddle time. Improving in one way or another is a constant process for many riders, but with a little extra preparation off the bike, there are big gains to be had on the bike.

For Jacqui, running and swimming are just as important as riding for off-road triathlon. The mix of cardio, endurance and strength benefits work triple-duty for this demanding sport.

Those elements are also just as prominent for Courtney and Rachel in their more singular cycling focus. Some quality time in the gym homing in on explosive power, core work and active recovery ensures they’re ready for steep climbs and can back-up consecutive days racing.

Gym Workouts for Cyclists

Race Ready

Follow the crew into the New Year as they take on races across XC, Off-Road triathlon, Enduro and more with a revised COVID-calendar.

  • MTB National Championships (Jan)
  • Snowies MTB Festival (Feb)
  • National Cross Triathlon Championships (Feb)
  • Xterra Taiwan (March)
  • Xterra NZ (April)

Stay up to date with the team via @livcycling_aus